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Him and are havethe best of time together.. thats the problem ist hard o leave him becuase i have this loe for him and enjiy his company he is my best friend...... but becuase i care about him i know i need to do whats best for him...i find myself smiling les and dont enjoy things much any more... im nust so lost and yes im proud of him for cutting down but im just still so heart broken i dont know what to do....
No i dint go to any meeting yet i just feel embarrassed and dont wanna go alone.... i hate having to worry what he us doing and loosing sleep andbeing so stressed out like i dont know to control it would i rather not know? Im not sure... not kowig drivesmenuts and kowing hurts me so bad... im guess im just gettin tired of it all and i feel so lost in his addiction too andi hate it but love him.. i have never even tried drugs i dont even drink so ts so hard for me to deal wit all this.... he asked me tonight if i know that he loved me nd i said i dont know becuase everyting else that comes out ofyour moth is alie mostly so how and why should i believe that when you keaveme with broken promises so how do i kow... i wanna know you love me but i feel when you loe someone you wouldnt d this to them or hurt them rigt???
Btw allforcm howsyour husband doing??? How are you?
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