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Sounds good Ken. With AVRT, the "just say no approach" fits.

I like to call it the "once and for all time just say never approach". Once our Big Plan is done, we simply recall the "never again", however often we like, because there's no real risk of drinking following a Big Plan.

There's just the simple thought process of recognizing and separating from whatever inside desires to drink pop up in our thoughts. That's IT, not ME.

About will-power, the compound word 'will-power' is taken apart in AVRT. Deciding "I 'will' never drink/drug again!" does not require any significant 'power'. It takes several seconds with some lead-in thoughts and some after thoughts, but virtually zero calories are expended. There can easily be some emotions at that time, but they tend to be spontaneous and don't require much muscle work.

The AV will try to convince you that a great deal of power needs to be expended to remain abstinent. It does not. Recognition is, again, just a thought process. You don't have to actually do anything physical, except maybe pause momentarily.

About "triggering" I don't believe my mind (or any adult mind, for that matter) is as primitive as it would have to be to be "triggered" to drink by certain thoughts or external influences towards drinking.

For instance, when a baby is given a warm heavy bottle, the baby is "triggered" to put the nipple in it's mouth and suck if it's hungry. A huge purpose of our socially developed human brains is to inhibit what other life forms might act upon due to "triggering".

I think "triggering" in an adult mind is restricted to things like how it responds to mistakenly putting a hand on a hot stove.
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