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Monday Blues

So I am on day 3 dry and now getting worried about getting back to my life. I had the weekend off to basically collect myself and think about what to do and now that the week is starting, I am worried.

I'm first of all disappointed in myself for not getting up earlier. I often feel lazy because I only work part time (I am in school full time, though) and my boyfriend works two jobs. I was supposed to get up to take him to work so I could have the car today, but instead I slept and now I can't run any errands. I blamed my allergies (which are killing me) but I'm just making excuses.

I'm also worried about going back to work tomorrow. I work at an Irish Pub and have done a lot (A LOT) of drinking with my co-workers. I am actually starting a new job next week at a BYOB so I won't be at the pub so much, but I am still worried just about going back to the environment and being around my, more or less, drinking buddies.

The past couple days have been hard, but this is worse. At least I had some new resolve and maybe some fake energy off of it, now I am just letting the permanence of my decision (well, hopefully permanence) sink in and realizing there is a lot of my life that could, or should, change.

Sigh. It's going to be a long week, I feel.
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