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I second or third or fourth the sentiment about not being able to be intimate. I haven't had intimacy with my A in YEARS. I mean once or twice a year for three years being intimate is a DRAG. I can't be intimate with someone who is so cold and callous to me. I can't be intimate with someone who is sooooooooo drunk every single day. I can't be close to someone who only represents himself at a 'surface level' and won't communicate or talk to me, won't acknowledge my feelings. This isn't a relationship, it is a one-sided roommate situation, where I seethe with frustration at being taken advantage of daily. I find it really hard to detach with love. Like you liza, the detaching part has been going on for quite some time and the A in my life just can't seem to correlate the behavior from him with the detaching. He wonders why I am not just *nice* and accommodating like I used to be. Ummmmmmm, maybe because I got a clue?????
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