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Originally Posted by wonderfullife View Post
yes, I have noticed that the pleasure of it is going away. other than that initial rush, and a few hours after that, the negatives far outweigh the positives. I have really tried AVRT. At least the online course. However, after 15 years, the habit, the rush, the triggers just seem to win out at that 4pm hour when I am driving home alone. I think AVRT will be a very good tool. My problem is first getting a full committment going. Thats why I am so curious as to everyone's experiences on the first few days of there permanent abstinence. What changed in your mind/heart/soul, to just keep you looking down the recovery path and not look back. I'm frustrated with this taking up so much of my life, but I am more frustrated with the part of me that will feel the endorphan rush of the liquor store this weekend. I would love to say that I am not going to go, but I don't trust myself yet to say that.
How do you feel about dissociating from the desire to drink and calling it your Addictive Voice coming from the Beast? Remember, this is all a sign of health, not of disease.

Along with the decreasing pleasure, you will have to give up that endorphin rush of KNOWING you are about to have alcohol in your system. Giving that up is a lot easier if you take the moral high ground and decide it is truly wrong for you to ever drink again. It might be like lawyers knowing they are officers of the court and that requires certain unbreakable rules of practice. Or a teacher not taking unfair or inappropriate advantage of a student. It's a moral imperative. What if you and your wife's positions regarding alcohol were reversed?

Another AVRT exercise is to explode the myth that one can "not trust myself".

Also, in my experience, it really isn't hard to quit for several weeks or a month, especially for a binge drinker like I was.
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