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It is not up to you to "fix" him. For a person to recover, they have to want it for themselves. You should concentrate on taking care of yourself. It sounds like you're addicted to him. If you leave him, he may get worse but staying with him hasn't improved him either and it's doing you a lot of harm. You would probably benifit from going to some AlAnon meetings for friends and family members of addicts. Your role in the relationship you have with your boyfriend is pretty sad and sounds exhausting. Seems like you really need to step back and figure out what you really want. Do you want to stay with him even if that means babysitting him through relapse or recovery or do you want to step away and let y'alls lives go their seperate ways? Those ways may meet again or may not. He could clean up, he could die. He could wait for you, he could meet another girl. The important thing is that your not there directing his every move or saving him from himself. That'll also free you up to do things with your life. It's a lot to think about and it's not easy. I wish you all the best as you contemplate your situation.
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