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As a few people pointed out, everyone is different, but I would feel up and down, but day 5 was always the worse. Day 6-8 the RLS, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety was bad, but after day 8 it really lightened up. I'm also in a detox myself but I'm on day 13 and can walk up and down my stairs without taking a break and my "sleep sweats" stopped, but my sleeping is still messed up so I just decided to take it where I could get it (small bits here and there is better than NOTHING). Thankful to be done vomiting because I seem to get that REALLY BAD, even when I just missed a dose when I was actively taking my RX.. You are so lucky to be able to have time off work. Knowing this won't be an option every time, please try your hardest to make those days count. I'll say a prayer for you.
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