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Good for you to committ to ending the addiction. For me the physical was bad through Day 5. It started getting better each day and although it takes a few weeks to get the energy back you will feel better. This also takes a strong committment not to relapse and you will need support. NA has meetings and a Step Program.

For me my church was a life line and my pastor counseled me. A good drug counselor will be helpful. Post often and read through lots of aids and threads on this board. You are going to need to heal your brain and your thinking process needs lots of positive information and support. This is a hard journey but it is the most satisfying and your life will take on a new meaning with joy, happiness, and respect. You are off to a good start and you can do this. As soon as possible add exercise to your recovery. You won't feel like it but do it anyway. It really does help. Praying for you.
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