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5 days off of alcohol. It is so easy to quit. I feel so much better. I just can not live in the same house as an active alcoholic/addict. I am tired of my spouses lies, manipulations and possible infidelity. If he doesn't clean it up, I'm leaving. It has been a year since he relapsed. I have stayed off of alcohol for most of the year but eventually I cave and join in for a couple weeks and it's never a happy ending. Tonight he told me he was going to try to quit drugs and alcohol but he was going to do it HIS way. Whatever. I am quitting and I am going to live in a sober house. If his way of quitting involves a lot of half attempts, bs, and drawn out relapses...I'm divorcing him. He's got about two weeks. No ultimatums given. Talked to him long enough. I have
been patient long enough. I deserve a happy life and I'm going to have one and I hope he does get sober but if he doesn't I sure as heck am and I am moving on and I not afraid of being alone anymore. I am angry...but I have hope...for myself....and I am done with the demon alcohol...and that man.
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