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Alcohol abuse vs alcohol dependence

For a long time I thought I was an alcoholic. But I never related to the addiction or dependence part. Today I would say I was a situational alcohol abuser. I have never wanted to drink every day. I have gone years, months on end without a beer. Even when I was in my teens I remember thinking....this is just gross and stupid...I'm going to lay off for awhile. I have married three alcoholics. My son is an addict. They can not stop doing it. It is so sad to see something take over their whole lives and they can't see it. I don't want to drink because sometimes when I do I say things I don't mean or I act silly and I don't feel good about it the next day. I have not found too many people like me. I went to a counsellor for problems with issues regarding my spouse and son. She happened to be also a drug and alcohol counsellor with 30 years experience. She wanted my whole drinking history and I gave it to her and she said I was not alcoholic but that I abused alcohol. So I wonder if I should never drink again. Although sometimes I have only two or three beers and it is relaxing. Other times, I have six and feel bad the next day. But to continue doing it when it makes me feel bad is not appealing. So I abstain...sometimes weeks, months and years. Is this a place where there are people like me who aren't actually addicted to alcohol but nonetheless...would prefer to leave it alone and may need someone to talk to?
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