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Since you asked for seems unlikely having not done the work in one that you'll now do the work in two. AA suggests you give up fighting and seek a spiritual approach to life that changes your reactions enough to remain comfortable and in balance sufficiently to not need alcohol for it's illusion of a solution. Since 'once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic' you'll need to expend some efforts to maintain your balance and spiritual condition well enough, not perfectly for the rest of your life, or risk a return to drinking.

The other proposes you stay on top of any fleeting wrong thoughts and fight-fight and purposefully ignore your impulses to drink because you're in full control of your drinking. You don't actually have the problem that has caused you to seek help. Should you drink again you have trespassed, have failed from a moral standpoint, and need to firm up your capacity for abiding by a higher moral standard than last time, being a person who keeps their promise to never drink again unlike last time when you fell short and were not of sufficiently high moral caliber.

Had RR been around I'm sure I'd have tried it, as I was trying everything I could to not have to do all the AA stuff. So, I certainly understand the attraction you may have to trying it on for size.

I'd suggest pursuing whatever strikes you fancy and only returning to AA after you are relatively sure you'll need to go ahead and do the whole thing. Shouldn't take too very long and your friends will still be in AA staying sober when you're done trying this variety of the self-will thing.
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