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36 hours

In the last 36 hours:

I got to chat online with my brother who is in recovery. He just completed his fifth step.

I got some texts from my brother who needs recovery... he gave me my niece's phone number then tried to engage me in his issues. I thanked him for the number and ignored the rest.

I heard from Mom and learned niece was kicked out of school for drugs. She's 14. Bro is trying to drag Mom into the situation. We stayed calm and agreed we can't worry about things we can't control.

I scheduled a couple of meetings that could pan out into good opportunities for me.

I got a call from the brother of the guy I kicked out in October (I knew him first), apologizing for his behavior. I told him I've got the same issues in my own family and he has nothing to be sorry about. Told him I'd love my brothers unconditionally as he probably love his own, but don't really feel that way about any other addicts so it was just a lesson learned. I just rolled my eyes at the call because I got the impression after I hung up that he was hitting on me.

Got calls from brother's friend and my dad, all about brother and stayed calm and listened rather than trying to get involved and fix things.

I helped someone that needed and deserved my help, in a healthy way rather than a co-dependent way.

and after all this, I made my own pizza dough for the first time ever and it came out really terrific. This is a sign that I'm in a good place because when I'm not things don't work so well. I had friends over and we had a great evening. I didn't get stressed or worried about all the things beyond my control, but instead felt at peace. Just wanted to share my progress!
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