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My husband was my drinking buddy for many years. I'm sober now, but he's still drinking, so instead of hanging out at the house with me, he goes to the bar where he can be with other drunks. It hurts me, but I have to remember that my sobriety is my only concern, and I am only responsible for ME. I am trying to be an example to my husband by living a sober, happy life without regrets. He is seeing this and told me just last night that my sobriety was "inspirational" to him. I hope so. I can't change him, I can only change myself. But my prayer is that my sobriety will be an inspiration to him. He has already told me that it is. Our alcoholic partners see us getting sober and being happy, and they can't help but want what we have. But we have to know that we can't change them. We can only hope and pray that they will be inspired by our different way of life. Pray for him ... pray for your relationship ... pray that God will change his way of thinking about his drinking. As an alcoholic myself, I know that NOBODY could have told me what to do about my drinking ... I had to learn it for myself the hard way. My husband has been drinking WAY longer than I have, so lecturing him will have no effect whatsoever. Step back ... focus on YOUR sobriety ... and let God do the rest.
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