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I am honked!

So the Beav is in prison and he got in a fight over $6. He borrowed it and can't pay it back. He obviously lied to the borrowee. As a result he got another 30 days. He calls me with the story...never asked for the money because he knows we have sent not one dollar this time. Ward and I talk and decide to send him some money. I write a check...knock off a nice note and in the mail it goes. It occurs to me that I have somehow absorbed the information that you can't send checks and sure enough. I check the website and it has to be a money order or cashiers check. So now he will be getting one of the few notes from home, plus it said we sent $20 and it won't be there. I just love this. Because he is a freaking criminal so are we? The state will take my check for income tax but not $20 to the kid? :cussing: As if it isn't hard enough! So tomorrow I will be getting a money order.

I am not even going to qualify that I am sending him took a week to make the decision and there is no way I am enabling him with a 20 dollar bill when he is in prison. They just make things harder than they already are...

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