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Wow, I could've written this myself. I'm just a few years ahead of you in the marriage and I've been in al-anon for 4 and 1/2 years. Last year on New Year's eve, I had the same sad thought about how could I do another year. It almost seems like a sentence to me that I've already served besides the fact that I should get out on good behavior! I've planned to leave, I've gotten him to marriage counseling a few times, and I've asked him to quit drinking. All this to no avail, and he's never admitted he's an alcoholic or made any serious attempts to stop drinking. But like your AH, he does all the right little things to keep me hooked in. I'm just tired of the same ole drinking quacking and can't have a decent conversation with him about anything that matters. I just want a relationship that I can be happy about for the rest of my life and know this one is never going to be that relationship. I'm working on me due to al-anon or I would be truly insane.

You have rec'd some great advice here. I'm praying for all of us that are sitting on the fence with Alcoholic spouses. May our higher power lead us in the right path to our own happiness whether with the alcoholic or not.
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