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Keith and Robby summed up my thoughts perfectly.

I'll say this though to you Vigo. I had a very limited experience with AA/alanon/alateen when I was, oh.....maybe 11 or 12yrs old. My dad found his way to AA and my mom to my brother and I "had" to attend alateen as well as some open meetings with my parents. I think that went on for several months but I really don't remember. AA "didn't work" according to my dad so he decided he'd "not drink" and skip the meetings/program. Man, what a big mistake. Within a couple weeks he was back to being a complete nut job.....scared the hell out of all of us.....non-stop......for the next 30+ years (I should note, he made it about 10 years dry.......but was already in the grips of alcoholism which, once you have it, it doesn't matter if you're drinking or get WORSE as time passes, never better).

From that experience, there was very little I had LESS respect for than AA, ppl in recovery, 12-step-anything, going to meetings.......etc etc. I hated AA, had no respect for it, for the ppl in it, nor did I believe anyone with any "balls" would ever need to go to such a crack-pot deal. It was, I was convinced, for the truly weak-minded gutless sissies who had not one thing going for them in life and needed groups support to even get up in the morning. "Recovery" was a complete farce for the ppl too darn lazy to do some work on themselves.

Oh yeah, I was also 100% convinced I was right in those beliefs, that there was NO chance I could be wrong, and that......thank God......I wasn't a loser like those folks.

helluva attitude huh?

Imagine what was going through MY head as I heard myself think, some 26 years later, "Damn, maybe I should check out AA." LMAO. thankfully, my own alcoholism helped beat some of those old ideas down a bit. LOL

I barely, and I mean barely, had a desire to stop drinking. Honestly, I didn't WANT to but I wanted to want to..... so I reeeeeally side-doored my way in.

I used to hear that question though, "To what lengths are you willing to go to for sobriety?" Thankfully, nobody asked ME that one early on because I would have lied - toed the company line so to speak. The honest answer would have been, "To no lengths....I'm not willing to do anything really....unless I come up with it myself......and get away from me." The better question, and the one I use now, is "What would you be willing to do to be sober AND happy......forever?" That happiness deal.........THAT one got my attention. I was willing to do plenty to get happy Keith and Robby said, that's going to require a God or, if you prefer, a power greater than yourself IF you're an addict/alcoholic who needs it. As others have suggested, some folks can sober themselves up without any "greater powers." They can do it with help, support and a bunch of knowledge + the practical application of the will. For folks like me, that stuff seems makes sense.....but I can't ever seem to really put it into action. For folks like me, the hopeless folks who've lost more than others in their addiction........that's who the AA/NA programs were designed to help - but, obviously, they can help anyone who's not gone that low too. The real deal though, the REAL help...the real recovery comes from working the 12 steps - although there's no requirement to do that. Anyone's "allowed" to not-recovery all they's just not really recommended.
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