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I still can't figure out if i'm an alcoholic, i know there's a problem which needs sorting before it's too late. When I don't crave alcohol it's usually cos i'm hungover from my last binge, I always thought "alcoholics" used alcohol to get over there hangovers where as I can't face it. I'm so confused.

When I drink alone I usually search the internet, play games and watch TV then get upset for one reason or another. I wait until my BF has left for work then run to the shop and buy a bottle of wine. Also most people would say a bottle of wine isn't enough for someone to have a problem but I am wasted after half a bottle and after a full bottle I wake up not remembering everything and I am usually sick a few times the next day. I used to be able to drink much more every single day for years and never had one hangover.

After reading all of the threads and going in the chat I have come to the decision that I need to tell my BF what i'm doing when he's not there, as scary as it is. Also I'm scared of not drinking again, I have such a good time when I'm drunk (until I make a fool of myself) but everyone is making a fool out of themselves, it seems that all my friends drink way too much.

Sorry for the essay but I've found this forum so much help in just a few hours. x
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