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Originally Posted by Jeans View Post
I'm not sure if I should be on this forum or not as I don't drink everyday and don't crave alcohol everyday.
Originally Posted by Jeans View Post
I can go a few days without any drink then I get the cravings,

Although some use the term "craving" to describe a desire to start's not what those of us in AA are referring to when we use it. When talking about the desire to get some booze, you'll hear most of us AA'rs use the term "mental obsession." .....and in my drinking history, i didn't obsess over drinking all that much.....certainly not every day.

Originally Posted by Jeans View Post
I have all intentions of having just the one and then it leads to an all night session and usually back at someones house that I wouldn't usually associate with if sober.
Now that, my dear, is what we mean when we say "craving." The inability to control the amount once you START drinking. Some folks are able to control the amount but for an alcoholic, once they start, it's as if they're not going to stop until the craving for more is satisfied. ....and for me, that was the norm more often than not. I "over-drank" what I intended to drink regularly.
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