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New on here


I just wanted to introduce myself. My nickname is Jeans, I'm 29, female and struggling to be "normal"

I'm not sure if I should be on this forum or not as I don't drink everyday and don't crave alcohol everyday.

I have been drinking heavily since I was 13, the only time I was alcohol free was when I was 20 and I gave up for a year but it didn't count because I substituted it with drugs. Just recently I've been drinking secretly, my partner works away and as soon as he goes I open the wine or cidar and get leathered on my own. Then the next day I feel terrible and vow I'll never do it again and spend the day being sick. When I've had one drink I have to keep going until it's all gone, if I go to the pub I'm always looking for a lock in or a club or a shop where I can buy more.

The problem with me is that I am very shy without alcohol and I've never learnt to build my confidence, I'm hoping I can learn from other people on this site. If anyone is similar to me then please please say hi or tell me your story.

Anyway, that was quite a lot so I hope I haven't bored you. Thank you so much for reading xx
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