Thread: I love my son. Oxy and heroin use.
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It's not so simple. We took him to a local CDC, the only one within a hundred or more miles (federal/state/city funded-taxpayers). He agreed to go, took their drug tests which confirmed oxy use (no heroin). They told him how much the fee was, and he said he had no money (hello!). They told us not to pay, as then we would be being "co-dependent."

He refused to pay. Then the center run by recovering addicts said he wasn't ready for treatment.

By the way, we were there to get a referral to a state hospital as he obviously has no health insurance. A referral is required...

That was 2 months before he was arrested.

I have heard of so many people getting help. He went willingly (not happy exactly), and was denied help.
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