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Things are good!

on the 23rd of September I will be 5 months sober. Things are going smoothly. Yesterday I got my anti-depressant increased because there was a feeling of flatness, lowness and sadness. But it's a whole lot better than the hellish life I was living. I think the way I communicate is a lot better. I was told by my doctor that it takes 2 years for the brain chemicals to get back to normal after years of binge drinking. All the things are getting better in my life I'm not forcing it just letting it happen and hopefully will return to work if things keep improving but that is something for another day to think about. Anybody with anxiety issues should read this ANXIETY GETS BETTER OFF THE BOTTLE! Nothing worked in the past, medication (because I was drinking), meditation, specialists, psychiatrists, meditation, mindfullness i was at the end of the rope in regards to anxiety and thought that I would have to live this way for the rest of my life a life that would be anxiety ridden. When I do have have a panic attack I have benzos to help and it goes away like they all do. I speak my mind and if people don't like it too bad because I'm sober and I trust myself in this state of mind. I use my strong will and character to stay sober.
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