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Oh don't I just know your panic. I don't even give my son a key to my house.

And I totally understand that although your son, like mine, when he is clean, may just be the pillar of the community and Mr. Nice Guy who works like a dog. And, like you I also know that a relapse can change all that in a heartbeat.

But you know, it is not your responsiblity. He will have to take responsibility himself, and he can take the praise for being so wonderful too. If it goes otherwise, the consequences are his alone. As Ogly says...Don't second guess tomorrow.

I have warned my family and friends who are aware already of my son's addiction, to keep their purses with them at all times and to never leave anything valuable lying around. It is sad to have to do that, but they are in my house and I feel it is only fair.

But I would not go so far as to discuss this with my son's employer. That is out of bounds for me. The only exception I would make would be if his employer was a close family friend who meant well but did not understand the circumstance.

Just relax and let life happen. It will happen exactly the way it is supposed to and we are powerless.
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