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I think of it this way.

Sobriety is essentially a change process. We go from point A, where we are drinking alcoholically, to point B, where we are comfortable in sobriety.

When we are at point A, we are, if not exactly comfortable, at least used to living our lives in a certain way. At point B we are comfortable with our non-drinking lifestyle, and have no trouble maintaining it.

The space between point A and point B is where the difficulty comes in. There is a distance to travel and most of us find life during that journey very difficult, especially at the beginning. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that sobriety is always going to be and feel like the first few steps of the journey between point A and point B, and this scares us into going right back to point A.

But the reality is that we DO get to point B if we hang in there. I am not suggesting that point B is a bed of roses; it is still life, and life itself can be difficult at times--still, the discomfort of transitioning from one lifestyle to another does end.

So don't get sidetracked into thinking that you will always be this uncomfortable. You won't, but you've got to keep moving towards point B.

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