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Originally Posted by Cyranoak View Post
I lost two very good jobs because of my inability to deal with wife's alcoholism in any kind of healthy way, and from disengaging from work to deal with alcohol-related ****. Not only was I not at work often, but when I was physically there I was unable to perform.

I became such a bad employee that both companies were ultimately forced to let me go. I can't believe they waited so long to fire me. I would have fired me much sooner.

I occasionally still have that problem, but less often. Let's see if I can keep this job for more than two years. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for everyone who has shared their own stories-- it helps me feel a lot less alone and less ashamed.

Is it completely unhealthy to feel "relieved" that I am not alone in my job F up thanks to my inability to deal with H's alcoholism? Obviously it's not a good thing but I guess I was feeling ashamed and embarrassed and was truly worried that posting this would result in people saying no one had ever been through the same... A huge part of this disease (being the non-A) has been the shame and fear of talking about the toll it's had on me... Maybe if I had spoken up sooner a lot of things would've been different. At least I'm talking now- it's never too late!
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