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It sounds like you are struggling with the decision you've made to end this "friendship". On one hand you understand he was just using you for money but on the other I get the impression maybe you had more feelings for him then just a “friendship”.

Originally Posted by SarahBear View Post
I happen to run into him with his ex recently and he has lost quite a bit of weight. Personally, I don't know why she still has anything to do with him since he stole thousands of dollars from her. She isn't a drug addict but is an alcoholic, as he is too. I think it might be a co-dependency thing. He has also stolen money from his family. From what I know and have heard, he's addicted to pot and prescription painkillers. One thing I've noticed about this guy is the excessive attention/affection he gave to his ex, he even hugged all his close friends
Water seeks it’s own level, two un-healthy people traveling together thru life. Be glad you are not apart of it anymore. But this is where I guess I sense you may have had some stronger feelings for him, and I am sorry it worked out this way for you. One day you will see your strength to end this “friendship” as a blessing!!!
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