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RECF..your not a failure!! Im 51 and currently going through a divorce from my AH of 26 years,26 years of living what I thought was going to be a dream forever, the love of my life, a person who was loyal,honest,caring,strong until addiction entered in his life and mine, but I kept thinking through thick and thin right? .well it got too thick, so thick that I didnt see daylight, I was in a dark scary hole from living with addiction.
I feel your pain, I walked the exact path your walking today, but its been now
a little more than a year since we seperated and I can say I see the light.
however, it took work, it took support on here,meetings and therapy. it took
me to open up, it took me to come out from under my shell..YOU can do it,
YOU will make it, YOU will get through this..just remember you cant move forward looking in the rearview mirror and remind yourself (which I still do) what it was like living with him, do you really want to go there again? can it get any worse for you now that your on your own?
be thankful, thankful for your family,friends and people like us who are there for you, be thankful your out of that situation, be thankful your healthy and young and have a chance to live a happy and peaceful life.
dont give up hope on yourself, dont beat yourself up (I know how that goes all too well)..remember the 3'c!!
stay strong, we are all here for you
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