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Rece, it takes time to work through the pain of losing your dreams and your home and the person you used to love who is no longer that person. Grief is normal, so is anger and deep sadness and fear. A wise lady here once told me that the only way to get through the pain is to stare it square in the face and walk through it.

It takes time, but healing comes eventually, and with healing comes new dreams and a wonderful feeling of being alive...a feeling that you haven't had for a long time, I am guessing.

Meetings have helped many of us find our balance again and a better way of living. Yes it takes work, but it's the best time investment I ever made on myself and probably saved my life.

Things will get better, they always do even though it doesn't seem so today.

Take time to grieve, but take time to breath too and take care of you.

One day at a time you can change your life and start living in the light again.

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