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I agree with Chino.

There are no simple, pat answers.

As far as I'm concerned, saying that if YOU believe hard enough, or YOUR faith is strong enough, or if YOU pray the right way, that GOD will heal you, is taking the power away from God, and putting it on you.

Not to have a big religious discussion, but....

I am a Lutheran. We do infant baptism. The reason for this, is to illustrate that WE don't find God, but that God comes to US. Even a tiny child cannot seek God on his own; he cannot go to the baptismal font under his own power.

Many Christians seem to subscribe to the "if I ____ and ____ and ____, I will be saved." Many, however, believe that God is there for us to tap into, to seek direction, wisdom and comfort from, but it's all GOD'S doing. Not ours. We're not that powerful."

Believe what YOU wish, beautiful. Your man is trying to find his way. I'm sorry he's not able to be there for you in the ways you wish him to be.
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