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No situation is the same, however, my ah returned 50 days ago. I knew when he came back it would be "different". That's the point isn't it? BUT it wasn't like before the addiction, or during the addiction. I call it my our new normal. However, the first couple of weeks was especially difficult. After 6 yrs of hell, he didn't really seem to acknowledge my pain at all. I was walking on egg shells. Not sure what I was supposed to do. He seemed more in tune to the people he was at rehab with than our life. I shared my confusion and I really didn't get much? I told him that our relationship had to have attention too, or I was going to have to abandon our "relationship" also & just worry about me. Things have leveled out quite a bit. I recently posted about an email he sent to a fellow rehab roommate discussing there wives. It really hurt me & I told him so. He said he was just consoling him. But right now everything in our lives revolves around him. And for the last 6 yrs it revolved around him & his addiction. He keeps repeating a quote I gave him. You can't repeat the past & beginning, just change the future.
But can I at least expect "I'm sorry", communication, & teamwork of partners?

I will be thinking about you. I wish I had more answers. Mine did get better, but is still work in progress.
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