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I use an online journal (blogger) to write down how my day went, and they have these things called "tags" you can add to a post - and I add my feelings to that list.
I pick from the list I have, or add new ones if the ones I have don't seem to work quite right, and use as many as it takes until I feel I got all the jumble of feelings cataloged and labeled.

I've got some of the more general ones ("happy," "saddness," "angry," "lonely"), a few that might only make sense to me ("furniture," "borrowed"), and everything in between.
It helps me figure out exactly how I really am feeling. I will confess, too, sometimes I'll pick a few that I think I should be feeling, and then go see if I can make myself feel that way.

Half the ones labeled "empowered" or "resolution" are because I was convincing myself that I could do it, even though I didn't feel it at the time.
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