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Living With Sobriety

Hello All,

New here but I've been around recovery for 14 years when my wife and I got together and she was working a program. She never seemed too serious about it but hasnt drank or used for 20 years. I thought our life together was fine until she silently hit her emotional bottom and jumped back into working a program with such zeal. To help, I started going to Al-Anon and it has helped but now the issue is the amount of time my wife is staying away from home on her recovery.

I picked the Al-Anon book "Living with Sobriety" which basically says we have to be okay with being second to the recovery of our loved ones. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that one.

How does everyone else keep it together as the spouse of a person working a recovery program? I mean last week I almost left the marriage because the pain was so bad, there were a couple of other issues thrown in there that started the spiral but the recovery taking priority over our marriage and our kids is really the main issue right now.

Thanks for the great website and for any help offered.
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