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Gut feeling the left foot is gonna drop….and the exabf will emerge

It’s been 5 weeks of no contact and almost 3 months since I moved out. This is a new pattern for the both of us and I am not sure if my feeling is out of history NOT repeating itself where we tended to break up and make up rather quickly or if my feeling is knowing as well as I have for the last 10 years.

Guilt and remorse seem to take hold of him and consume him until he attempts to make his wrongs right. I’ve been doing extremely well on my own, working on me, going to meetings and coming here to SR just about everyday.

I’ve been keeping myself busy enjoyed a football game party yesterday and socializing with adults and not having that cloud of addiction hanging over my head. I was actually able to say yes I would attend this party where in the past he wouldn’t have wanted to socialize but sit at home with just the two of us.

My gut tells me he began attending meetings and is most likely talking to people in the program because I have not received ANY phone calls and he’s not attempted to make any contact……………..this is where I am throw off and getting caught up in my ill thinking. I know him well enough to know that at some point he will want to make HIS amends to me, try and smooth things out so we can remain friends or something along those lines where eventually he’ll want us to work things out AGAIN.

This is where I don’t feel strong enough yet to engage in any conversation with him and maybe this time he actually knows it’s over and won’t waste his time but him and his amends makes me think differently.

Anyone else every break up and go no contact where they eventually tried to reach out, if so…how did you handle that?
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