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Originally Posted by tjp613 View Post
LOL... you'll let us know how that kit thing works out, right? It may just be "the" cure we've been waiting for for centuries!

Sorry. I really do wish her the best of luck, y'know. I don't wish this kind of suffering on anyone. Just cynical, I guess.
I know nothing at all about the programme the OP's wife is going to try but I do know that to date, statistically the number one most effective addiction treatment there has ever been is; "whatever works."

Addiction is usually psychological as well as physical and there is no one size fits all solution. The woman is trying something, if it doesn't work she may try something else, if she keeps (genuinely) trying she will find what works for her, even if that means putting the different pieces of various treatments together as her own programme. Or maybe, hopefully, this will be the one which works for her. I don't think anyone should be judged harshly for trying to change for the better.
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