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When you recognize that someone can hold down a high-status job, keep a driver's license and sustain relationships with family members --in essence, function the way non-alcoholics do -- AND still be an alcoholic, you're breaking the wino-under-the-bridge stereotype.

I agree, Daughter. Thanks for posting that.

Every time my EX and I would have one of those useless conversations about addiction and seeking help, he would tell me he wasn't an alcoholic because he wasn't blacked out in the gutter homeless without a job. Most of his coworkers didn't know he drank the way he did and his family was unaware of the depth of it as well. Had I known that there was such a concept as having an addiction to anything and still holding life together however tenuously, I might have understood sooner what I was up against.

In our time together, I saw the progressive nature of alcoholism in his case, I saw how my enabling made his drinking less apparent, and I saw how when I stepped out of the way of his disease, he could no longer keep it together.

Even as bad as it had gotten before we went our separate ways, I still had trouble explaining why to some friends and family. They just didn't "see it," and they too expected an alcoholic to be the age-old stereotype.

Great discussion!

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