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Originally Posted by californian200 View Post
Thank you for the responses. This situation is quite difficult. He keeps hearing that "relapse is part of recovery" and "I have been sober for 15 years but it took being knocked down a bit to figure it out." He is very positive and upbeat right now.

Part of me hopes that because he has so much going for him (tremendous family support, great recovery groups support, getting an education) that he can make it through! I also have big hopes for the medications.
Relapse is not a part of recovery.
Relapse is a part of addiction.

"Being knocked down a bit to figure it out": happens to a lucky few. Some fall out of recovery and never find it again. Some die of their addiction.

Hi, I'm Pelican, and I am a recovering alcoholic.
I am also the recovering partner of a 14 year marriage to an alcoholic.
I am also recovering from my codependency.

I apologize if that was a bit harsh, but I wanted to point out those statements are part of an alcoholics denial. Denial that they are not that bad. Denial that relapses kill. Denial that recovery is about abstinence.

In my Alanon recovery, I learned to be patient: More will be revealed.

It has only been a few days since his relapse and renewed recovery efforts.

Focus on yourself.
Let the addict focus on himself.

Give yourselves time to process the recent events.
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