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well most of the time i do not have alcohol in the house. i don't drink hardly at all....usually when i'm out with the girls or have company; i.e. thanksgiving. last night i asked him if it would be okay that i have wine for my guests and he said he was fine with it and doesn't want anything.

BTW, this is day two for him not drinking. i can see how difficult it is for him. he's not sleeping and has been vomiting too. i hurt for him. he really does love me and he really does try. i know though in my heart that he won't stay sober. he has tried this several times and failed every time....he has not yet checked himself into a rehab or attended any meeting, etc, but i will not give up and i dont want him to either. i read on here where every time you stop drinking and then go back and try to stop again, count that as day number one! and that's all we can do at this point.
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