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. She said that she doesn't think he is truly addicted because at my grandmother's wake he told her that he had gone a week without drinking. She said that this proves that he is not truly addicted, and also because he does not shake, have seizures, and other withdrawal symptoms.

This sounds like the dribble that my stbxah spews all the time. Let me tell you from first hand experience. You can be addicted and go without for a week and not have any seizures, or DT's, or withdrawl symptoms. I have done it. I don't drink anymore, but I was a 10 beer a day drinker at one time and I never once had withdrawl or DT's when I went without. This is his excuse as to why he is not an alcoholic. But for some reason he was always yelling at me that I was. You make your own determination, but I was addicted to alcohol. And so is my stbxah.
You may be on the right track with this lady, she may be making excuses for herself, just saying it out loud to you. H
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