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thanks for the replies, guys. I appreciate it more than you know. DesertEyes, as for taking my meds as prescribed, well the previous doc said to stop taking them. So I'm afraid to keep taking them when I go see the next doc. If the next doc does a drug screen, I want to be clean. It's going to be a hell of a week waiting to see this doc. I've been 2 days off lortab and tramadol, and I feel like hell. I've actually contemplated suicide, the pain is so bad. But I don't know what else I can do. I just have to tough it out until I can see this next doctor.

I'm afraid that if I'm honest to this next doctor that he won't prescribe me anything at all, or help me at all. But I don't think I really have any choice except to be honest about what happened with the previous doctor.

I will tell the new doctor that I need to be adequately managed though, because I am tempted to misuse drugs when the pain is so severe. I'll do anything to get rid of the constant pain, even if it causes harm to myself. The pain makes me absolutely crazy. Hopefully this new doctor will be more aggressive in finding adequate treatment than my other one was. I told the other one many times how I couldn't function on lortab, but they basically said, "sorry, the only other option is natural methods."

But now I'm learning from many other sources, you guys included, that there are other methods. I should have sought a second opinion long before now.

Keep me in your thoughts this week, as I'm going to need all the strength and courage I can muster to make it 5 more days through the pain.

Thanks again for responding.
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