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Originally Posted by anvilhead View Post
at one time we all thought/hoped that our situation was the exception.....tell me this has he always been a daily drinker? or is this a progression from previous behavior? besides work, is there anything else he devotes as much time on a daily basis to doing?

what will bad enough look like? missing work? suddenly not being such a nice guy? tripping while carrying the baby? hitting the bars and not making it home?
Oddly enough, these comments are actually starting to make me feel like maybe I am over-reacting. He has always been a daily drinker. He never drinks in the morning or even in the early afternoon. In his perspective, he admits to having a dependency on it as a sleep aid. After work, I'd say he spends the next most amount of time with his son, after his son, it would be cooking, cleaning, maintaining the house/yard, etc. I've never seen him trip, ever. He's never not made it home from a bar. The closest to that he's come is falling asleep in a chair at a friend's house and not waking up till midnight... which was annoying, but only a one-time event.

My experience tells me that it will eventually get worse... but maybe that's not fair either. Maybe it is unfair to project so much baggage onto another person who actually hasn't given me any reason to.
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