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Well, you know, I guess my situation is just different. His kindness and thoughtfulness are not trite and all his gestures are quite sincere. And I don't get blathering phone calls or any of this other such bad behavior. It really is all limited to the fact that, every night, he drinks just enough to no longer be quite himself... not falling over drunk or ever completely sloshed... but just enough to not be himself anymore (about a bottle of wine a night). I do imagine it will get worse and so on and so forth, but for right now and today, the most I have to complain about is that he gets a little goofy and silly. It hurts because I miss the "real" him when this happens and it hurts because I know how the story eventually ends.

That said, I already know I'm not going to leave him at this point. We're expecting a child in a few months and it's really not worthwhile to leave him at this point. He's always been a good and attentive father to his son from a previous marriage. I suppose if things ever get bad enough, I will leave... but for right now, I'm just going to keep throwing things against the garage door whenever the hurt and anger get to that point.
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