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Waking up to 1/3 left of the big Vodka bottle. A lot to most people but you know how it is.

Going through this scenarioÖ

I need to get another bottle so I donít run out tonight. I work till 10pm so I have to get one before cuz they wonít sell after 9pm. Do I go to one of the 3 places I rotate through in Town? Itís daytime, the same people are working and they might recognize me. I really donít have time to go to one of the places outside of town I go to to break it up.

I look at the bottle again Ė is there enough there? Sure there is, Iíll drink less tonight. Oh screw it, Iíll get another bottle just in case. Iíll wear a hat at the liquor store and maybe they wonít recognize me.

In the store Ė I know, instead of walking right up and grabbing the cheap Vodka, Iíll walk around like Iím looking at other stuff. Then they wonít know. Walk around, get to my aisle, grab the cheap Vodka.

Go to pay for it Ė Do they recognize me? Can they tell I have still have alcohol in my system? Do they think Iím an alcoholic?

Went through this scenario sooooo often! Havenít been through it in 50+ days. NEVER want to be there again! Thank you God! Thank you to that first person that helped me from another recovery site! Thank you SR!
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