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Tipsy, I first went into the AA rooms 4 years ago. I knew I had a problem with drinking, and so I sought help. First for 3 days at a detox facility, then a week of outpatient treatment, followed by AA. But what I saw in the treatment and AA were the sad people who were so worse off than myself. I had a job, an awesome girlfriend, great family and friends. And these people had lost everything they cared about, some had been homeless, needed to take the bus everywhere...I decided I was not like these people so I was obviously barking up the wrong tree. These were sad souls, and since I wasn't as bad as them, I reckoned that after about a month sober I'd be able to control my drinking.

4 years later, I went back into AA. Because I was headed down the same road as those people I saw the first time I went there. I had lost jobs, broken promises, damaged relationships, and I could not stop myself from getting wasted. Maybe for a night or 2, but there would inevitably come the night when I'd get hammered and regret everything I had done.

But this time AA works for me. I realize that alcoholism manifests itself differently in different people. Some people drink a gallon of vodka a day. Some drink only on Fridays, but it's 36 beers. Some go months between binges. It's not for anyone to decide how progressive someone else's disease may be. AA is only about helping anyone who has a desire to stop drinking.

Keep an open mind. Realize that there are many different people and many different personalities in AA, so people will obviously have different stories and different approaches to working the program. But if you stick around and find some people you like and can identify with, they may be able to help you more than you know.

I hope you find what you're looking for. You came here, so you're obviously looking for something. SR and the people here are great resources to battle the obsession to drink. Don't be a stranger and feel free to ask for help whenever you need it, here and in the AA rooms. Welcome!
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