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Welcome to SR and you will have plenty of support and encouragement. The habit of drinking is a bit sticky but you can overcome and become sober. You are young and I will tell you that alcohol won't only become "not fun" but it will ruin your health and your life. I started similar to you (minus the pot) and was able to go out and occasionally biggie. I started college at 21 and worked full time and had no time for drunks and binge drinking. After 4 very hard years of working and graduating....I entered the financial corporate world where drinking was a social event. It wasn't until I started leaning on booze to help me cope with bad days, family problems etc. that I became addicted. I am 36 and am on my 2nd go at sobriety. I can not relapse because that next drink may kill me. Pretty scary stuff.

Suggestion - Toss all alcohol out and see your dr. if you are concerned. I found there was no real way to quit other then keeping my home alcohol free and occupying my "drinking time" doing healthy fun things. Glad you have a supportive boyfriend.....that reminds me of my hubby. He very rarely drinks but will not drink around me especially since I relapsed.

Stay strong!!
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