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Question around AA Meetings

So unfortunately I have relapsed back and had an event on the weekend that led me to binge drink quite heavily and ruin another day due to my actions, leaving me quite alone, anxious and highly depressed.

I was totally sober for close to 60days or so, not touching a drop of alcohol, and when I thought I had a handle on it, I started to introduce a few drinks with dinner or a couple when out with friends for social occasions.

I managed to control my blow-outs and black-outs up until this weekend; thanks to help with my counselling sessions which were regular at the start of my journey, but slightly began to ease out as I felt I was capable to handle my addiction alone.

I guess I don't consider myself an alcoholic, but understand I have a problem with drinking. I have at times dabbled in drugs, but was able to quit both smoking and any illicit intake, only alcohol remains as my last bad vice. I have been in touch with a group of very close friends, letting them know that I feel I have a problem, and the response from them has been very supportive which makes me feel like this could be the time for me to give it all away.

I'm very confused, shocked and disorientated that this could actually be a problem for me. I'm quite successful in every other aspect of my life, but feel as though these binge nights may be the end of me. I have started having physical reactions to the abuse also.

I've done some research on when the next AA meeting would be local to me, but feel as though I should not attend as I don't want to offend people who are heavily more addicted than I am.......

Any advice or direction pointing would be great from those who have been in the same boat. I should never have stopped reading this forum.
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