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Hi Ronan. I can relate to much of what you posted.

I'm a believer that you can only be 'done' when you're 'done'. With booze that is. Once this oppurtunity arrises, like it appears to have done in your case, you have to commit and stick to sobriety like glue and get working some form of recovery programme. Whatever works for you will suffice imo. Lots of AA and lots of SR sure won't do any harm in your quest. Remember alcoholism is primarily a 'thinking' problem so your thinking has to be sufficiently changed.

You seem to have total acceptance that you're an alcoholic, which is a stumbling block for many, so you're off to a good start there. Make sure that you commit to sobriety 100% this time so that when you start feeling better and the depression/remorse lifts and a drink sounds like a good idea, you can laugh it off as something that is to be avoided at all costs 'just for today'.

All The Best.
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