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Thank you for your replies. I am 25 and never realized how fast alcoholism could progress. I "hit bottom" this weekend when I told a horrible lie to my significant other in a drunken state and the relationship ended. Well the relationship ended because I continued to lie the next day to cover up what I had said when drunk. I tend to start making stuff up when I am drunk...sometimes I remember what i've said and sometimes i dont.

anyway, i know i have a problem because i have all of the signs of an alcoholic. there is no doubt in my mind. it is impacting every aspect of my life in a negative way. i think i have done some serious damage to my liver and brain, ive lost friends because of things i do when drunk, just got dumped by someone i love. all because of alcohol. then i turn to alcohol for comfort in the face of all these disappointments it has caused me in my life.

my life is chaotic right now and needs some major changes. i dont like who i am while under the influence. but it is so hard to stop when social events revolve around drinking. especially in this city and at this point in my life.

what is the hardest part of quitting? the first day? week? month? when do you start to feel normal? i only have one full day without it. i plan to go to an AA meeting on thursday or friday.

also, what about the friends and family members around you that drink? do you have to get rid of drinking buddies? isnt it lonely in recovery without people you used to hang out with?

thanks for your support :-)
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