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My experience...not sure if it applies to your situation

Hello Baygirl! Welcome!

Today is my second day sober so I should not be providing advice but hopefully this comes out well.

My main fears of going to the meetings were:
mostly accepting the fact that I have a problem, I was afraid of it. Even though crucial to recovery, a friend suggested that I went to a meeting to assess my situation; I realized then that my experiences mimicked in most ways the stories shared by others and that I was in trouble. It helped me get into action.

I was also afraid of the social stigma of being an alcoholic. Now I prefer being a figthing alcoholic than having the stigma of being a drunk, whose own friends are afraid to go out with because of my loss of control.

I am sure there were more reasons for me to be scared of attending a meeting but the point I want to make is that you do a self analysis of what is keeping you away from attending and if you feel like it, share it here...I am sure there are plenty of people who will provide great advice.

I am really glad I am attending the meetings. I have been to three so far and it has provided me calm through this difficult times. Even though not everyone gets the same reaction, I believe they are definitely worth checking out. The letter from the doctor in the big book made quite a reaction on my impression of the disease and the effects of sharing with other alcoholics...if not for any thing else, at least attend to pick up a copy of this eye opening piece of literature.

Good luck with this journey. I hope we can help each other stay in the path!

I hope my early advice does not offend any one.
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