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Originally Posted by WilsonSmith View Post
I am new here but want to know if the only way is to stop completely?
I love the taste of alcohol, I nice beer, wine, a refreshing Gin and Tonic on a hot day. I love going to a bar and relaxing, talking with people. I love the way a drink adds to the taste of the food you are eating.
but... My relationship with alcohol is affecting my marriage. My wife is the most important person in my life and I keep disapointing her which is breaking my heart. I try and cut down but it never seems to work I was feeling really good and then I slip into drinking again thinking I can control it. The think is my wife says she doesn't trust me or believe me with regards to drinking. I say I'm going out and will be back soon but I end up coming back late, smelly and really drunk.
I don't even smoke but when I drink heavily (evening) I smoke a pack of ciggerettes. I'm in my early thirties now and have drunk since I was a teenager. I've been done for drunk-driving, fallen down stairs and off my bike when out on a binge. If I drink heavily I have to drink alcohol to smooth the hangover out. I tried not drinking but failed after 3 days as I was so anxious and my body felt bad, as soon as I had a drink I felt normal again.
I know I have a problem but I do get some pleasure from drinking. I know a big part of this is the social side. My wife doesn't really like going out and meeting people but I love going to a bar. I remember I think it was the singer from the band the beautiful south said he spent an awful lot of money and ruined his liver before he found out it was the pub he loved and not the drink.
I do love the taste too.
I suppose as well I get anxious and feel anxity sometimes but with a drink inside me that will never happen.
If anyone has any advice for me I would be gratefull.
the choice looks pretty simple?

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