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TOPIC: Did One Door Close?

Hi Im sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely grateful.

Did you have one door of a situation
close for you? Has a new one open

The door to a job. A relationship?
Marriage? Some sort of situation?

For me it was with my job. bakery job i was with, then
was let go. Had hip replacement last
June then returned a yr later.

This job is like many jobs out there
that r run by dysfunctional

Grocery stores and family owned
jobs are similar in many ways.....

They seem to cater to students or
folks struggling with all sorts of

There is also a huge turn over
because they keep people long
enough nor want them to.

They also dont care for honest
reliable, trusting people either which
is sooooooo sad.

However they hire unrelaible people
that call in sick, come in late,
complain and dont give a sh*t.

I worked from 6am to 2pm from
the start and recently my schedule
was screwed with and thus led me
to splitting my ties permantly with
them today.

Their reason for letting me go before
my 2 weeks was up was because i
wouldnt open my availablity to the

They wanted to use me or i should
say control me and i didnt let them.

It was a weak tactic that they used
and for them they lost a good worker
as many of my buddies knew. lost of sleep over this
as this door closes to that chapter
in my life and wait quietly as to what
will be my next assignment in life is.

How about u....what doors have opened
or closed for u recently?

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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