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Originally Posted by mburnsc View Post
i come on this site and go to meetings almost every day. most people seem pretty happy and doing well with their new found sobriety. i thought that all my problems would go away when I got sober (4 months ago) but all I've found is that they've gotten worse. I'm more miserable now then I've ever been. I think about suicide almost every other day. I feel so separate from everyone and everything and the loneliness is unbearable.

My only conclusion is that I havn't found a sponsor yet and started the steps. But still, there are a lot of other people like that at the meetings and on here as well. Somehow they are so positive and happy with just being of drugs/drinking? Now that I'm sober I feel like my alcoholism/drug addiction is in full effect and making it VERY hard to keep going day to day.

I know you shouldn't go around wallowing in self pity and depression, but I can't help it! Why do happy people **** me off? Why do all the people who seem to get along and click with other people mystify me?

Am I truly an addict or is there someone else going on with me? Life is so boring sober for me, I'm never happy where I am.

Thanks for listening.

I suffer from both depression and mania.

I've figured out a healthy diet, regimented exercise/sleep, refraining from substance use or abuse and constant interaction with friends and families keep any symptoms at bay. (go figure..)

If anyone ever feels like ****, I'm always an open ear.
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